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Cooking, Eating & Drinking


Cooking, Eating & Drinking Subscriptions

Food is the fuel of animal and human life. The magazines in this selection celebrate the joy that cooking, eating and drinking can bring to our lives. More than simply satisfying the hunger and fulfilling the need for nutrition, food brings families and friends together. The magazines in this selection showcase the most delicious ways to prepare food and enjoy it together. We categorized our food magazines into three subcategories: Cooking, Healthy Cooking and Liquor. 

We’ll highlight the most popular titles here, as well as the most critically acclaimed.

Bon Appetit is our bestselling food magazine. This American magazine shows the joy that culinary enrichment can bring to your life-  in a very accessible way. BBC Good Food is our most popular UK magazine in the Cooking category, and brings the best of British cooking & baking to the forefront and into your kitchen. If you’re more into baking than cooking, try Cake Masters!

Decanter is our bestselling wine magazine. For amateur enthusiasts and professional connoisseurs, this is the most respected guide to the best wines of the world. Noble Rot is a more offbeat but beautiful alternative to Decanter. Whisky Magazine is our most popular title in the spirits world. And for those interested in beer and brewing, we recommend Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine.

Our bestseller in the Healthy Cooking section is Vegan Food & Living. If you have gluten intolerance you may want to try Simply Gluten Free magazine.

Food & Wine Magazine is a crossover title for foodies and oenophiles. Another crossover title is Food & Travel, showcasing the international culinary lifestyle. You can find more travel magazines in our Travelling category.

There’s much more in these categories, covering every kind of preference and taste for cookers, eaters and drinkers alike. If you’re missing a title on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us!