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Travelling Subscriptions

In our Travelling category holidaymakers, business travellers, backpackers and elderly travellers can all find a publication to their liking. No matter what your destination is, or how rough you like your ride, whether you enjoy time spent among the locals, or prefer the more comfortable experience luxury travel has to offer, look no further: You can find a magazine here that suits the travelling style of your choice! 

We’ll highlight the most popular travel publications here. We’ll also mention our most popular destination magazines (magazines about a specific place).

First on our list is Conde Nast Traveler (USA), of which we sell both the British as well as the American edition. Naturally Conde Nast Traveler (in the USA it is spelled with one L) is more oriented towards the USA, and also a little heavier on advertising, whereas the Conde Nast Traveller UK is the more luxurious publication. High on the heels of this most well known magazine, National Geographic Traveller is the little brother of National Geographic that brings the history of the most famous cultural destinations to life. As a crossover title, we’ll also mention Food & Travel magazine. You can find more magazines about international cuisine in our Cooking, Eating & Drinking category.

Our most popular magazine about a place is New York magazine. Not to be confused with the news magazine The New Yorker, it is a local guide to the cultural events in the city and follows the buzz of the bright lights in the big city on close foot. For Anglophiles, we’ve got a few publications rivalling in popularity: Britain magazine is more oriented towards the history of Albion, whereas Discover Britain concentrates on the cultural experiences of Britain’s most beautiful cities and country sides. Higher up in Great Britain The Scots magazine is more focused on current cultural events in the highlands and Scotland Magazine offers a more historical perspective on Alba.

We’ve got much more here! Please let your eye travel to find a magazine that can tell you the most fun & interesting things to do in the most special places in the world before you pack your suitcase to the destination of your choice.