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Leisure Subscriptions

In our Leisure category, we offer magazines for virtually every hobby known to mankind. For people with an ardent interest in images & sound, vessels for crossing the waters, moving their body rhythmically, documenting their surroundings, studying the animal kingdom, building miniature worlds, collecting precious things, hunting with or without hooks, gliding through the sky or firing arms and swinging swords (or displaying them on the wall): For all these endeavours you are in the right category!

We’ll highlight our most popular titles, realising we can’t possibly do justice to all the amazing magazines that each fulfil the specific needs of those engaged in the whole spectrum of human pastime activity.

For those with an interest in flying, three titles are current bestsellers: Flypast focusing on the history of flight, Airforces Monthly highlighting air combat and Airliner World spotting the latest information on passenger planes. 

Boat owners will find that Practical Boat Owner contains all the information relevant to owning and maintaining a boat. For boat lovers, Yachting World is our bestseller, but we’ve got many other titles on yachts, as well as other sail, row and motorboats in our boating subcategory. 

Hi-News, Stereophile and Absolute Sound are our top 3 titles for those who want to experience the highest possible audio fidelity in their living room. 

In our Fishing & Diving category Fly Fishing and Fly Tying is our current bestseller, though you can find magazines about every kind and method of fishing in this category.

Whether you’re into dancing, animals & pets, photography, modelling, trains, collecting and weaponry we recommend perusing these subcategories to find the magazine that fits your interests, as there are simply too many to mention.

In our Leisure category, you can’t find any magazines on knitting, crocheting or woodworking as these are in our Handicraft category.