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Have I got News for you! Printed news is far from obsolete. It’s actually making a comeback! Although television and the internet can report instantly on current events, they are much less suited to provide the depth & insight that the printed word can.,

Here we’ll highlight some of our most popular News & Politics magazines.

Time Magazine is arguably the most famous news magazine in the world. It has a long-standing reputation of covering the latest events in a unique style that has stood the test of,.. well,  time. We sell the European edition which is more internationally orientated. If you’re looking for coverage more focused within the borders of the United States Newsweek is the publication you will want to read. In Newsweek the full spectrum of American Life is exposed through the lens of some of the best journalists in the USA. 

Known for its beautiful covers and cartoons, The New Yorker offers the smartest analysis’ on America’s political and cultural life. It is written for New Yorkers living all over the world. Not from New York, but from Boston is the political news magazine The Atlantic. Praised for its breaking stories and thorough reporting it does an excellent job of reflecting on the cultural changes in the American landscape. 

For a British perspective on the world’s news, Guardian Weekly and The Spectator are our most popular publications. Younger readers interested in what’s going on in the world may find what they’re looking for in The Week Junior. This magazine also does great service as an educational device. We would also like to mention the European edition of The Economist, a weekly magazine greatly enjoyed and well respected by liberals and conservatives alike. Lastly, we’ll give a shout out to Monocle magazine, with a more broad perspective on the news, more geared towards the young & hip crowd.

There are many more news & politics magazines in this category. Whatever your specific field of interest or political side you’re on, you can find the magazine here that best suits your need for information. Now that you’re in on the news, please continue to browse through this page and have some (f)actual fun!