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“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”, “You talkin’ to me?”,  “I am big! It's the pictures that got small.", “Show me the Money!”, “Hasta La Vista Baby” “You Can’t Handle the Truth!”, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”, “Say hello to me little friend!”, “Ugh! As if!”, “Here’s Johnny!”, "A martini. Shaken, not stirred.".

If you recognized the majority of these quotes you’re probably a movie buff and in the right category. But more than just movies our Entertainment category also features subcategories for Television & Radio, Gossip, Comics, Literary and Children’s magazines.    

Here we’ll highlight the most popular magazines in each of these categories.

Empire magazine is the most popular magazine in our movies category. It offers reviews and inside information on the latest and greatest movies. For those interested in the production process of movies, American Cinematographer has been one of our bestsellers for years and offers more than just technical information, it also discusses the whole process of building a story from scratch to screen. And if you want good quality film criticism nothing beats Sight & Sound with their in-depth look at everything regarding film culture.

Vanity Fair has a more human interest approach to the world of movies, focusing mostly on the actors in them. It is our bestseller in the Television and Radio category. Another popular title in this category is Entertainment Weekly, currently a monthly magazine that offers the most inside information in the world of movies and television.

For those more interested in Gossip, Hello! Magazine is our most popular UK title, with People as its popular counterpart in the USA. More specifically, Majesty magazine focuses on royal families.

In the Comics category, Mad Magazine has been a most unlikely bestseller for years, with fans all over the world that love its witty deconstructive approach to social reality.

National Geographic Kids is the star of our Children’s category, but here you can find much more entertaining and educational magazines for children of all ages. You can find more wildlife magazines in our science & nature category.

In our Literary category Reader’s Digest is the most popular, but we offer something for every kind of reader, as well as many helpful magazines for (aspiring) writers.