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Lego Ninjago Magazine
Lego Ninjago Magazine
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Lego Ninjago Magazine Subscription

Lego Ninjago is a monthly magazine based on the popular TV show and series of Lego mini-figures, aimed at children aged 7-11 Lego Ninjago follows the titular ninjas; Sensei Wu, Cole, Zane, Jay, Kai, Nya and Lloyd as they battle the nefarious Sky Pirates. Each issue contains a colourful and action packed story featuring Red Ninja Kai and his fellow ninjas using their powers in various situations, but there's also a variety of puzzles, and activities to keep readers interested until the next issue. As if that wasn't enough incentive to pick up a copy of Lego Ninjago, each issue comes with a variety of free gifts including stickers and posters as well as a limited edition Lego Mini-figure from the series, allowing your child to build their own Lego Ninjago adventure!

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