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Subscription: 5 issues per year | Language: English | Country: United Kingdom

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Subscription to Scream Magazine

Dive into the dark and thrilling world of horror with a subscription to Scream Magazine. This essential publication for horror enthusiasts brings you exclusive interviews, in-depth reviews, and captivating retrospectives on the genre's most iconic works.

This subscription grants you the print version of Scream Magazine, issued five times a year, written in English, and hailing from the United Kingdom. Perfect for avid fans and collectors, each issue is packed with content that explores every facet of the horror universe.

What to expect in every issue:

  • Exclusive interviews with directors, actors, and horror genre professionals.
  • Comprehensive reviews of the latest horror films, books, and TV shows.
  • Insightful articles on classic horror films and influential works.
  • Updates and news about upcoming horror projects.
  • Dedicated sections for independent and lesser-known horror productions.
  • Columns and opinion pieces by horror experts and enthusiasts.
  • Stunning artwork, photography, and posters related to horror themes.


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