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Sea Breezes Magazine
Sea Breezes Magazine
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Sea Breezes Magazine Subscription

Sea Breezes was launched in 1919 and has over one thousand issues to its credit. It is one of the most popular publications on nautical and global shipping. It currently records a readership of over sixty five thousand and includes executives engaged in the maritime trade and profession, heads of shipping companies, major shipbuilders, notable ship repair yards, professionals of the marine services industry, retired and active seafarers and plenty of those who have a basic interest in maritime affairs. The magazine acquires a truly international character because of its ready availability in Britain, France, Germany, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada, to name a few as also a number of other countries. The magazine’s success has been largely due to the premium quality of its editorial content and the advertising support it enjoys because of its reliability, substantial circulation and competitive rates for advertising.

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