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Medal News Magazine
Medal News Magazine
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Medal News Magazine is an English magazine published 12 times a year. The price for an annual subscription includes delivery to the UK or your country of choice.
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Medal News is for those who love collecting medals. Get the latest news and history of medal collection. Learn about the market of medal collection. Discover the history of medals in battle and military history. Do you love to collect medals? Learn about military history and about the medals issued to heroes in battles. Read the fascinating articles about historical medals and why the medal was given to the hero. Read about heroic actions of military personnel to earn the honour of a medal. Learn how the medal is made and the metals that go into the final design. Discover how medal distribution is decided. Learn about military strategy in battle. Discover the history of a medal and who it has been awarded to throughout time. Get news of medals being issued currently and read the articles on heroic activities. Find out the history behind medals. From the Victoria Cross to the Military Cross, discover they background of the medal and historical significance of the medal to the country and those who receive one.

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