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Subscription to DownBeat Magazine

DownBeat Magazine is your gateway to the world of jazz and blues, providing exclusive insights and in-depth coverage of this vibrant music scene. With over 80 years of history, DownBeat remains the authoritative source for music enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This subscription offers the print version of DownBeat Magazine, delivered monthly. Immerse yourself in interviews with legendary and emerging musicians, comprehensive reviews of albums and live performances, and articles exploring the rich history of jazz and blues. With 12 issues per year, readers can stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, festival coverage, and educational resources, all written in English and originating from the United States.

What to expect in every issue:

  • Exclusive interviews with top musicians.
  • Detailed reviews of albums and live performances.
  • In-depth articles on jazz and blues history.
  • Music charts and solo transcriptions.
  • Comprehensive festival coverage and reader polls.


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Gunter Leirs

Tof magazine

Marc Van De Walle

Goede service tot nu toe!

Manfred Schabh├╝tl

Bei nicht einfangen der Zeitschrift, kurze Urgenz und Nachsendung folgte.

Manfred Schabh├╝tl

Abgesehen davon, dass nicht immer alle Zeitschriften einlangen (Vermutlich verloren gegangen am Postweg) was auch immer nachgereicht oder das a
Abo verl├Ąngert wurde, trifft die Zeitschrift i.mer p├╝nktlich ein.

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