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Classic Rock Magazine Classic Rock Magazine Classic Rock Magazine Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine

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Subscription to Classic Rock Magazine

Classic Rock Magazine is your ultimate companion into the world of rock music, offering in-depth interviews, insightful album reviews, and comprehensive articles on the history of classic rock. This UK-based publication is a treasure trove for rock enthusiasts, delivering 13 issues a year in English, each packed with fresh and archival content that celebrates both emerging and iconic figures in the rock scene.

A subscription to Classic Rock Magazine brings you the thrill of live performances through stunning photography, detailed profiles of legendary bands and artists, and retrospectives on the albums and events that have shaped rock history. Delve into columns from guest contributors, stay up-to-date with announcements of upcoming releases and tours, and discover essential rock albums and tracks. This print version subscription ensures you never miss an issue, providing a tangible, collectible experience for true rock aficionados.

What to expect in every issue:

  • In-depth interviews with rock musicians.
  • Detailed album reviews and retrospectives on significant albums and events.
  • Updates on upcoming releases and tours.
  • Photography of live performances and profiles of iconic bands and artists.
  • Columns from guest contributors and listings of essential rock albums and tracks.


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Een webshop, waar je heel eenvoudig een abonnement kunt kopen op een tijdschrift, ook op een buitenlandse. Bijna een jaar geleden nam ik via deze webshop een abonnement op een Engels tijdschrift en ik kreeg automatisch en ruim voor het aflopen van dit abonnement via de mail bericht en kon ik heel eenvoudig mijn abonnement verlengen. Helemaal goed geregeld.

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